This organization was founded in 2014 by Gilbert Rafael Paniagua - Inirio and friends from their home town of San Rafael Del Yuma , Dominican Republic. MAP Manos de Amor al Projimo Corp (aka Map Corp) is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization based out of Florida providing services to families in Dominican Republic with the goal of order to helping communities and families reach their most human basic needs such as access to food, water, medical care and education. We are a group of millennial volunteers united for a noble purpose to help these communities in need. We work with the community as a support. Our model of work was inspired by the words of philanthropy adviser/consultant Ernesto Sirolli; we “Shut up and Listen” to what the community identifies as immediate needs. We have a team of volunteers who conduct regular needs assessment to this location. Once a need is scored as a priority we work promptly on supporting the town thru project management organization and access to those needed resources. Our organization does not charge for these services. Our passion is to mobilize communities thru the work of volunteering.

All members of our organization are volunteers who each bring an area of expertise to our community.


The Mission of MAP is to strengthen communities and alleviate human suffering by providing lifelong learning opportunities and fortifying community involvement. MAP fosters learning and academic excellence by providing students with the tools to reach their goals. The organization is committed to promote citizen empowerment by unlocking the potential of its individuals in order to build healthy sustainable communities.